Q: What can I get from RPA that I can't get from my current broker?

There are a lot of good brokers out there. But they don't apply the cost-effective techniques that RPA does; they may not have the market negotiating "clout" that RPA has; and they usually cannot provide the staff expertise that RPA has developed over 40+ years.

Q: Can I really lower the cost of my insurance?

Yes - in two ways. First, RPA will identify your exposures, design the right line of attack to meet them effectively, and make sure we get the most competitive pricing possible. Then, once you're an RPA client, we will work with you on loss control and claims management to keep future premiums down.

Q: What is claims management?

Unlike many brokers, we don't just report a claim and let the insurance company take it from there. For property claims, we see that our clients are treated as partners, not as adversaries, frequently and systematically following up to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. For liability claims, we encourage quick settlement where liability is clear and resistance to payment where our client is not at fault.

Q: Can I get all the coverages I need through RPA?

Yes. We provide the full range of products: Property and Liability packages; Workers' Compensation; Employment Practices Liability; Umbrella liability; Auto; Crime; Cyber Risks, and whatever other protection is needed for the exposures your business faces.

Q: Can RPA handle multi-location or multi-state operations?

Absolutely. In fact, we have people on board who have considerable experience in arranging coverage for larger, more complex accounts. They are knowledgeable in applying sophisticated risk management techniques to achieve desired solutions.

Q: How will I know if RPA is really better than what I already have?

We'll do a complete, clear proposal, pointing out where our recommended approach differs from what you have. Then, you can be the judge on which program is better. We also take special care to ensure that the transition to RPA is easy and problem-free.