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What our students say about Lakeside Art Studio

Bernadette Lee:

I would like to thank you so much for a very enjoyable and most enriching learning experience on pastels. After yesterday I felt I have grown up a fair bit in my artistic growth.

There was so much joy on the inside of me that you cannot imagine and the pleasure of the pastel sticks close to my skin. Who could imagine that "messing" and blending the pastels colors could actually produce such satisfying beauty and works of art? Most enjoyable indeed.

Thank you very much, I felt you have somewhat released me of some sort of bondage and opened a whole new world to me and I am so excited and so looking forward to my new artistic journey ahead and what I can transform further into many more works of beauty and joy.

Sue Troutman:

I came to Lakeside Art Studio with no experience in painting and immediately loved the class and learning to use pastels. Dannielle's helpful suggestions in composition, color and techniques, for me and for the other members of the class, continue to be tremendously helpful and constructive for moving forward to create a pleasing work.

Kathleen Kriegman:

Dannielle Mick's Art Classes at Lake Side Art Studio are fun, informative and the student always comes away feeling proud of their accomplishments.

It's the Teacher. She is a powerhouse of Artistic Knowledge achieved through 30 years of experience. She is generous with this knowledge and willing to show you every step of the way to improve your own skills and how to market your production.

I have been with Dannielle for several years. I saw one of her student exhibits and was immediately taken up with the joy of wanting to do Pastels too. I enrolled in one of her classes where the atmosphere was mutual concentration to achieve along with laughter and group viewing of each other's work. We learned by looking at each other's work and understanding the problems and solutions. Dannielle gives great critiques from a keen eye. She can spot just where the composition needs attention. She takes us to NYC Galleries and Galleries in our area. We view together other's work, discuss and learn.

The Art Process is not just about getting the right tools and learning the application. It is also about how to package your work with appropriate framing, keeping records, applying to shows, setting up a web-site and contacting galleries. Dannielle is willing to share the whole process with infinite patience.

I am now setting up my own web site from work I have achieved through Dannielle's teaching. I am immensely thankful and grateful. Thank you my friend! XXOOO Kathleen

Dori Vallis:

I am a beginning artist and I have found Dannielle's instruction and support to be amazing. I haven't even picked up a brush, pastel, or even a crayon in 30 years but with Dannielle patient guidance, I have learned a lot in five months and feel confident that my insight and skills are improving. Besides, it is a lot of fun to paint with a small group of people, sharing a common interest of creating art.

Firouzeh Etebar:

I started at LAS this summer as a new painter and Dannielle has provided the guidance and brush stroke technique, that I feel at this point after a few months, I am on my way of becoming a very good painter.

Jacqueline Donzil:

My experience as an art student at Lakeside Art Studio has been wonderful. Dannielle Mick is a phenominal teacher. I have been given instruction in all aspects of art imaginable, some of which are plein aire, still-life, photographs. She teaches in a supporting, nurturing and motivational way. Her classes are for the serious art student who wishes to learn but also for those who love to have fun.

Valerie Haertel:

If you have ever sat in front of a blank piece of paper or canvas and wondered how to even get started, or have been painting and said, "what's next?" Dannielle can help -- she provides an approach to painting that works. Dannielle is simply a great teacher who focuses on the fundamentals of a good painting and guides you every step of the way to achieve success.

Andrea Grillo:

It is rare to find such a wonderful artist who is also such a wonderful instructor. Dannielle Mick's enthusiasm, clarity and attention to detail have guided and inspired me to develop my own artistic vision. However, what I am most impressed with is her unbridled support and willingness to share her vast knowledge in a most fun setting to insure her students' own personal growth. My self-confidence has risen tremendously along with the quality of my paintings which is key to freeing and playing with the artist inside.

Donna Gratkowski:

Dannielle doesn't let you get comfortable, she challenges you! I have accomplished more then my expectations. Your an awesome teacher!

Jude Germaine:

I took 1 class years ago from d Danielle and carried many principles she taught me forever. She is a true teacher and I have never be disappointed.

Danielle Stecky:

When I decided to take watercolor classes with Dannielle, I hadn't painted for over 22 years! I studied with one artist for about 1 1/2 years back then and was filled with trepidation. Dannielle was compassionate, understanding and extraordinarily encouraging. After only a few short classes, I entered two of my paintings in an Art Show at MPAC - Mayo Performing Arts Center - in Morristown, NJ, which was organized, overseen and wonderfully advertised by Dannielle. I never would have gotten this far in such a short time without the enthusiasm and clarity of teaching which Dannielle joyously provides to each and every one of her students. She also introduced me to pastels which I am thoroughly enjoying. I highly recommend her and give her a 10-Star rating!!

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